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Security Services

Byte to Bit offers a variety of security services ranges from data to physical security. The key services include

  • Data Security

Monitoring the “privileged” users and databases they manage, including vulnerability management Monitoring data as it leaves the network (IP sensitive data); extrusion – Includes Awareness Education Service Protecting tapes, laptops, PDAs, and removable media via encryption and port control

  • Threat Mitigation

Provides holistic prevention and detection of network threats Provides continued vigilance for all endpoints and secure remote access Solutions Manages network traffic to improve overall security posture and promote corporate guidelines Proactively identifies and manages enterprise security posture

  • Physical Security

Integrated video surveillance and security solution that enables viewing, monitoring and digital recording of activity throughout the environment Advanced surveillance system which monitors space in real time and enables real time alerts and content based searching

  • Identity and Access

Assists in understanding the state of identity management environment and develop a strategy for improving the effectiveness of managing identities Supports identity establishment and verification, and background screening of users provides the user provisioning and identity credential management Provides assessment, design and implementation of organizational directories Providing multi-factor authentication including biometrics, smartcard, tokens, etc…

  • Security Governance

Review information assets, associated threats and identify security risk related to information assets Support the development and operations of an effective security program to meet both business and IT needs Assess and develop the business operational model and processes to meet, manage and monitor effective enterprise IT security Assists clients increase privacy awareness, make privacy assessments and implement privacy strategy offer classroom and web-based training