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Software Testing


Testing in most organizations is usually performed in an ad-hoc manner across different pockets of the organization. Designing an ideal test process customized to your IT organization can be a challenge. Byte to Bit’s Testing CoE focuses on planning, designing and optimizing our customer testing requirements and also empowers the testing force as needed by the customer. The focus here is on processes, people, tools, domain knowledge, and best practices. Comprehensive consultation on testing services is delivered, using flexible frameworks comprising governance models, key assets, and a set of shared processes.

  • Our consultation encompasses:
  • Test Lifecycle modeling
  • Testing Maturity Analysis
  • Testing Offshorability Analysis
  • Test conceptualization
  • Test Automation

Byte to Bit’s Testing CoE works on reinventing and tailoring the methodologies as suited by our customers testing needs and trains test engineers to empower our customer’s testing resource pool.